2000+ Text png for editing download

Text png for editing download

Hello friends, I'm back with new text png images with zip file. Here I will give you 2000+ text png photos through a text png zip file. Text pngs such as latest new text png, dialogue text png, film line text png attitude text png, quotes text png etc.

What is Text png:

Text png is without background text png image. We can add them to the photo but text png cannot be rewritten. These are customized and created through Photo editor or Photoshop.

How to use Text pngs in photo editing?

First you need to open the photo editor or photoshop. Then you have to add the photo to which you will add text png. Then click on "Add Photo" to add text png and set and save.

Here are some demo of text png photos:

Here are 2000+ text png photo's zip file for photo editing:

If you want to get 2000+ text pngs, you have to download the text png zip file. If you download the zip file, you have to extract or unzip it, otherwise you will not be able to use the png text.

How to extract zip file?

  • Download the Zip Extractor app. 
  • Open that app. 
  • Click on the extract button. 
  • Select "2000+ text pngs" from the file. 
  • Now click on OK. 
  • Now click on the extract.  
  • Will be successfully extracted.

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