Ghost wings photo editing tutorial in Picsart

Ghost effect photo editing tutorial with backgrounds, png files

Hello friends I'm back with new photo editing tutorial with backgrounds and png files.


How to edit Ghost effect photo in Picsart app?

  1. First you have to open the PicsArt app, then you have to add the Ghost effect background by clicking on the plus icon below.
  2. Then click on add photo to add your own photo.
  3. Then click on the Cutout tool below to erase the background of the photo then set the photo in middle.
  4. After that click on add photo, add bat png and set it in hand.
  5. Then click on add photo and add two light pngs and set at the bottom and click on the blend option at the bottom and select the light effect
  6. After that you have to save the photo editing by clicking on the tick icon above.
You can watch the video below to understand this photo editing in a better way.

Here are all essential photos for editing:

Watch the video of Gost photo editing tutorial here:

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